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Urticaceae: Quiz


Question 1: ________ are usually entire and bear stipules.
LeafSeedFlowering plantPlant

Question 2: The largest genera are Pilea (500 to 715 species), Elatostema (300 species), ________ (80 species), and Cecropia (75 species).
NettleUnited StatesStinging nettlePakistan

Question 3: The family counts more or less 2600 species, grouped into 54 to 79 genera, according to the database of the ________.
WWT London Wetland CentreRoyal Botanic Gardens, KewBushy ParkRichmond Green

Question 4: Urticaceae, or the nettle family, is a family of ________.
FernEmbryophyteGymnospermFlowering plant

Question 5: The family name comes from the genus Urtica (________).
PakistanNettleUnited StatesStinging nettle

Question 6: Urticaceae includes a number of well-known, interesting and useful plants, including the aforementioned nettles, ________ (Boehmeria nivea), māmaki (Pipturus albidus), and ajlai (Debregeasia saeneb).

Question 7: Most disperse their ________ when the stamens are mature and their filaments straighten explosively: a peculiar and conspicuously specialised mechanism.
SeedPollenPlantFlowering plant


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