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Urnfield culture: Quiz


Question 1: Urnfields are found in the French ________ from the 9th to 8th centuries.

Question 2: 1300 BC - 750 BC) was a late ________ culture of central Europe.
Bronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near EastBronze Age

Question 3: The Piliny culture in northern ________ and Slovakia grew from the tumulus culture, but used urn burials as well.

Question 4: The eastern European Lusatian culture forms part of the urnfield tradition, but continues into the ________ without a notable break.
Iron AgeIron Age ChinaAncient Near EastLa Tène culture

Question 5: An unusual earthworks was constructed at Goloring near Koblenz in ________.

Question 6: The Ith-caves (________) have yielded comparative material.
Lower SaxonySalzgitterBraunschweigOsnabrück

Question 7: Upper-class burials were placed in wooden chambers, rarely stone cists or chambers with a stone-paved floor and covered with a barrow or ________.

Question 8: The origins of the cremation rite is commonly believed to be the ________, where it was widespread in the eastern part of the Tumulus culture.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansEurope

Question 9: ________ seems to have been of reduced importance, maybe because mainly wool was used for clothes.

Question 10: Unstrut group in ________, a mixture between Knovíz-culture and the South-German Urnfield culture.
HamburgThuringiaSaxonyBremen (state)

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