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Urinary bladder: Quiz


Question 1: It is superior to the ________, and separated from the rectum by the rectovesical excavation.
PenisProstateReproductive systemSeminal vesicle

Question 2:
How do you write Urinary bladder in latin?
apex vesicae urinariae
vesica urinaria
uvula vesicae urinariae
musculus detrusor vesicae urinariae

Question 3: In lobe-finned fish, primitive ________, and in many female cartilaginous fish, the bladder is formed from the fused ends of the archinephric ducts, counterparts of the mammalian ureters.

Question 4:
Urinary bladder supplies nerves to which organ?

Question 5:

Question 6:

Question 7: Hematuria, or presence of blood in the urine, is a reason to seek medical attention without delay, as it is a symptom of bladder cancer as well as bladder and ________.
Urinary tract infectionRenal tubular acidosisHydronephrosisKidney stone

Question 8: When the bladder is stretched, this signals the ________ nervous system to contract the detrusor muscle.
Autonomic nervous systemParasympathetic nervous systemNerveSympathetic nervous system

Question 9: The bladder of ________ is generally small, and is not homologous with that of tetrapods.
Forage fishFishFish anatomyPelagic fish

Question 10: In male ________ and rays, however, these ducts are only used for passage of sperm, and do not form a bladder.
Bullhead sharkAngel sharkGreat white sharkShark

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