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Question 1: The bullet-damaged brick wall from the ________ was disassembled where it had been originally constructed at 2122 N.
Chicago metropolitan areaChicagoSaint Valentine's Day massacreSouth Side (Chicago)

Question 2: The urinals at terminal 4 of ________ in New York City have a fly target in the urinals.
Newark Liberty International AirportDelta Air LinesJohn F. Kennedy International AirportUnited Airlines

Question 3: In Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Hong Kong and some parts of Sweden and ________, manual flush handles are unusual.

Question 4: Due to high-level water restrictions, ________ has mandated conversion to waterless urinals — and flush urinals are rarely seen.
BrisbaneSydneyMelbournePerth, Western Australia

Question 5: ________'s Fountain (1917) is one of the most influential pieces of modern art.
Marcel DuchampWestern paintingDadaCubism

Question 6: A urinal is a specialized ________ for urinating into generally used by males.
Urinal (restroom)ToiletBidetFlush toilet

Question 7: Nassau County, ________ Police adopted Talking Urinals in a unique Anti-Drunk Driving initiative.
New JerseyConnecticutMassachusettsNew York

Question 8: Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois,[12] and reassembled in the men's restroom of a bar called Banjo Palace in ________, where it served as a urinal wall.
VancouverStanley ParkChinatown, VancouverCoquitlam

Question 9: The plastic mesh guard is designed to prevent solid objects (such as ________ butts, feces, chewing gum, or paper) from being flushed and possibly causing a plumbing stoppage.
Tobacco advertisingSmokingCigaretteTobacco smoking

Question 10: Active or (more usually) ________ identify when the urinal has been used (or when someone has stood in front of it and moved away), and activate the flush.
EyePiezoelectricityPassive infrared sensorPyroelectricity

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