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Uriel: Quiz


Question 1: In apocryphal, kabbalistic and occult works Uriel has been equated or confused with Nuriel, Uryan, Jeremiel, Vretil, Sariel, Suriel, Puruel, Phanuel, Jehoel, ________, Ezrail/Azrael and Israfil/Raphael.

Question 2: In Christian apocryphal gospels Uriel plays a role, differing between sources, in the rescue of ________'s cousin John the Baptist from the Massacre of the Innocents ordered by King Herod.
New TestamentJesusNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeApostle (Christian)

Question 3: Uriel has appeared in The Dresden Files, in which he gives ________ the power of Soulfire.
Jim ButcherHarry DresdenFool Moon (novel)Karrin Murphy

Question 4: [1] He "stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword,"[2] or as the angel who "watches over thunder and terror."[3] In the ________ he appears as the Angel of Repentance, who is graphically represented as being as pitiless as any demon.
Apocalypse of PeterNew TestamentEarly ChristianityGospel of Matthew

Question 5: In Chapter IX which is part of "The Book of the Watchers" (________) only four Angels are mentioned by name these are Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel.
1st century BC3rd century BC2nd century BC4th century BC

Question 6: The Book of the Watchers as a whole tells us that Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel were present before God to testify on behalf of ________.
HumanHuman evolutionMindHomo

Question 7: In Milton's ________ Book III, Uriel, in charge of the Orb of the Sun, serves as the eyes of God, but unwittingly steers Satan towards the newly-created earth.
William BlakeChristianityHeavenParadise Lost

Question 8: Their reunion is depicted in ________'s Virgin of the Rocks.
Leonardo da Vinci's personal lifeMona LisaItalian Renaissance paintingLeonardo da Vinci

Question 9: Uriel is listed as the fourth angel in Christian Gnostics (under the name Phanuel), by ________, and in the angelology of Pseudo-Dionysius.
Pope John Paul IIPope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope John XXIII

Question 10: In Jim Butcher's novel, ________, Uriel is a subtle but powerful player in the war with the Black Council and the Fallen/Denarians.
Proven Guilty (novel)Dead Beat (novel)Small FavorWhite Night (novel)


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