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Urethra: Quiz


Question 1: ________ and epispadias are forms of abnormal development of the urethra in the male, where the meatus is not located at the distal end of the penis (it occurs lower than normal with hypospadias, and higher with epispadias).

Question 2: ________ of the bladder via the urethra is called cystoscopy.
RectumSigmoidoscopyEndoscopyHuman gastrointestinal tract

Question 3:
How do you write Urethra in latin?
arteria bulbi penis, arteria bulbi urethrae
ostium urethrae internum
Female urethra: urethra feminina Male urethra: urethra masculina
crista urethralis urethrae masculinae, crista urethralis urethrae femininae

Question 4: ________  (Urethral crest/Seminal colliculus/Prostatic utricle/Ejaculatory duct, Prostatic sinus/Prostatic ducts)
PenisProstateReproductive systemSeminal vesicle

Question 5: In anatomy, the urethra (from Greek οὐρήθρα - ourethra) is a tube which connects the ________ to the outside of the body.
Urinary bladderUreterKidneyUrinary system

Question 6: The external urethral sphincter is a striated muscle that allows voluntary control over ________.
PenisUrinationBenign prostatic hyperplasiaUrinary incontinence

Question 7: Passage of ________ through the urethra can be painful and subsequently it can lead to urethral strictures.
Renal tubular acidosisKidney stoneHydronephrosisHematuria

Question 8: The male urethra is the conduit for semen during ________.
MasturbationPregnancyHuman sexual behaviorSexual intercourse

Question 9: In males, the urethra travels through the ________, and carries semen as well as urine.
RectumBreastPenisReproductive system

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