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Urbino: Quiz


Question 1: The later history of Urbino is part of the history of the ________ and, after 1861, of the Kingdom (later Republic) of Italy.
Papal StatesCatholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope John Paul II

Question 2: ________, multiple MotoGP World Champion, was born nearby
Marco MelandriLoris CapirossiDani PedrosaValentino Rossi

Question 3: Orto Botanico "Pierina Scaramella", a ________
ItalyBotanical gardenPlantBotany

Question 4: ________ or Virgil, chronicler in England
Pope Leo XCuthbert TunstallPolydore VergilThomas Linacre

Question 5: ________ was born at Urbino, where his family's house is a museum-shrine
Baronci AltarpieceRaphaelTransfiguration (Raphael)The Deposition (Raphael)

Question 6: ________, Actress, created a film I.T.A.L.Y nearby
Jennylyn MercadoRainier CastilloJolina MagdangalYasmien Kurdi

Question 7: In 1502, ________, with the connivance of his Papal father, Alexander VI, dispossessed Duke Guidobaldo and Elisabetta Gonzaga.
Caterina SforzaLucrezia BorgiaCesare BorgiaPapal States

Question 8: Other centers of 16th century wares in the Duchy of Urbino were at ________ and Castel Durante.

Question 9: The most famous member of the Montefeltro was Federico III (or II), Duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482, a very successful ________, a skillful diplomat and an enthusiastic patron of art and literature.
GenoaFunerary Monument to Sir John HawkwoodCondottieriFlorence

Question 10: Its great library was removed to Rome and added to the ________ in 1657.
Vatican Secret ArchivesSt. Peter's BasilicaVatican LibraryCatholic Church


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