Urban renewal: Quiz

Question 1: During the 1990s the concept of ________-led regeneration gained ground.
Human rightsCultureFamilySlavery

Question 2: In 1961, ________ published The Death and Life of Great American Cities, one of the first—and strongest—critiques of contemporary large-scale urban renewal.
Robert MosesNew York CityTorontoJane Jacobs

Question 3: Moses directed the construction of new ________, highways, housing projects, and public parks.
Arch bridgeBridgeCable-stayed bridgeTruss bridge

Question 4: From this a slum reform agenda grew by which advocates and reformers, using a doctrine of ________, argued that reforming a degraded built environment would reform its residents.
Environmental determinismHuman geographyGeographyPhysical geography

Question 5: This supports important themes in urban renewal today, such as participation, ________ and trust – and government acting as advocate and 'enabler', rather than an instrument of command and control.
Sustainable developmentSustainabilityFood securityEcological footprint

Question 6: Projects such as the design and construction of ________ and the 1909 Plan for Chicago by Daniel Burnham might be considered early urban renewal projects.
Central Park Medical UnitGreat Lawn and Turtle Pond, Central ParkCentral ParkCentral Park SummerStage

Question 7: That was also the year in which the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the general validity of urban redevelopment statutes in the landmark case, ________.
Berman v. ParkerFelix FrankfurterHugo BlackSherman Minton

Question 8: ________, USA
Charlestown, BostonMission Hill, BostonBeacon Hill, BostonWest End, Boston

Question 9: In the early 1970s in Toronto Jacobs was heavily involved in a group which halted the construction of the ________ and altered transport policy in that city.
Queen Street WestSpadina ExpresswayCancelled expressways in TorontoBathurst Street, Toronto

Question 10: Redlining began with the National Housing Act of 1934 which established the ________ (FHA) to improve housing conditions and standards, and later led to the formation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
Federal Housing AdministrationCommunity Development Block GrantMortgage loanGovernment National Mortgage Association

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Urban_renewal)