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Question 1: The essence of the idea of morphology was initially expressed in the writings of the great poet and philosopher ________ (1790); the term as such was first used in bioscience.
Friedrich Daniel Ernst SchleiermacherRomanticismJohann Wolfgang von GoetheRichard Wagner

Question 2: Recently it is being increasingly used in ________, geology, philology and other subjects.
GeographyCartographyPhysical geographyHuman geography

Question 3: To make a parallel with ________, the focus is placed on an active vocabulary and its syntax.

Question 4: In American geography, urban morphology as a particular field of study owes its origins to ________, James Vance and Sam Bass Warner.
CityLewis MumfordTechnologyModernism

Question 5: This leaves traces that serve to structure subsequent building activity and provide opportunities and constraints for city-building processes, such as land subdivision, ________ development, or building construction.
CanalInfrastructureRoadCivil engineering

Question 6: This approach challenges the common perception of unplanned environments as chaotic or vaguely organic through understanding the structures and processes embedded in ________.
United StatesNew townChicagoUrbanization

Question 7: Typically, analysis of physical form focuses on street pattern, lot (or, in the UK, plot) pattern and ________ pattern, sometimes referred to collectively as urban grain.

Question 8: The scientist ________ has created a new school of urban morphology based on morphogenesis and emergence.
A Pattern LanguageBerkeley, CaliforniaChristopher AlexanderSan Jose, California

Question 9: Much emphasis is placed upon the importance of built space for sustaining social practices; the relationship between the built landscape and the social world is ________, with both shaping the other.
DialecticPhilosophyDialectical materialismMarxism

Question 10: The study seeks to understand the spatial structure and character of a metropolitan area, ________, town or village by examining the patterns of its component parts and the process of its development.
MunicipalityCountyCityIndependent city


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