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Urban ecology: Quiz


Question 1: Urban ecology also involves the study of the effects of urban development patterns on ________ conditions.

Question 2: Analysis of urban settings in the context of ________ (looking at the cycling of matter and the flow of energy through the ecosystem) may ultimately help us to design healthier, better managed communities.
Ecosystem modelEcosystem ecologyLithotrophSystems ecology

Question 3: Urban ecology is the subfield of ________ which deals with the interaction of plants, animals and humans with each other and with their environment in urban or urbanizing settings.

Question 4: Some species of animals such rats, pigeons, and ________, for example, are able to survive and thrive in a non-natural urban setting.

Question 5: For example, sidewalks and rooftops can change an area's hydrology by increasing storm water runoff and can contribute to higher urban temperatures by storing heat energy and acting as an artificial ________.
Computer coolingFire testHeat sinkPassive fire protection


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