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Urartu: Quiz


Question 1: It is generally assumed that Proto-Armenian speakers entered ________ from around 1200 BC, ultimately deriving from a Paleo-Balkans context, and over the following centuries spread east to the Armenian Highland.
Turkish peopleTurkeyIstanbulAnatolia

Question 2: Schulz and four of his servants were murdered by Kurds in 1829 near ________.
Van ProvinceVan, TurkeyBaşkaleGürpınar (District), Van

Question 3: The Iron Age Urartian state was the successor of the Late Bronze State ________ state of Mitanni, and the Urartian language spoken by the ruling class is the successor of the Hurrian language (see Hurro-Urartian).
MesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireSumerHurrians

Question 4: At its apogee, Urartu stretched from northern Mesopotamia to the southern Caucasus, including present-day ________ and southern Georgia as far as the river Kura.

Question 5: ________
Classical Antiquity
Zhou Dynasty
Vedic period
alphabetic writing, metallurgy
Muslim historyMonotheismJewish historyAxial Age

Question 6: Indeed, ________ is located in ancient Urartian territory, approximately 120 km north of its former capital.
Little AraratMount AraratMount SüphanMount Hasan

Question 7: The Armenians according to Diakonoff, are then an amalgam of the Hurrian (and Urartians), Luvians and the Proto-Armenian ________ who carried their IE language eastwards across Anatolia.
MedesMushkiCariaPersian Armenia

Question 8: It survives in many inscriptions found in the area of the Urartu kingdom, written in the Assyrian ________.
Cuneiform scriptOld Persian cuneiformSumerAkkadian language

Question 9: After another assault on Belck provoked the diplomatic intervention of Wilhelm II, Sultan ________, agreed to pay Belck a sum of 80,000 gold marks in reparation.
Abdul Hamid IIAbdülazizAbdülmecid IOttoman Empire

Question 10: Qulha) almost to the shores of the ________; west to the sources of the Euphrates; east to present-day Tabriz, Lake Urmia, and beyond; and south to the sources of the Tigris.
Baltic SeaMediterranean SeaAegean SeaBlack Sea


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