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Uralic languages: Quiz


Question 1:
Which out of the following is a child of Uralic languages?

Question 2: All Uralic languages are thought to have descended, through independent processes of ________, from Proto-Uralic.
Language changeEnglish languageHistorical linguisticsSyntactic change

Question 3:
What region does Uralic languages belong to?
Eastern Europe and Western and Central Siberia
Europe and North AmericanCore Area 4.9 ha
Eastern and Northern Europe, North Asia
Eastern Europe

Question 4: Original Uralic palatalization is phonemic, independent of the following vowel and traceable to the millennia-old ________.
Proto-SamoyedInternational Phonetic AlphabetProto-Uralic languageFinnish language

Question 5: ________: this is present in many but by no means all Uralic languages.
Tone (linguistics)Vowel harmonyEpenthesisPalatalization

Question 6: Countries that are home to a significant number of speakers of Uralic languages include ________, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Slovakia.

Question 7: Hajdu has suggested that the Uralic homeland was in western and northwestern ________.
Ural MountainsSiberiaRussiaNorth Asia

Question 8: Itkonen, the ancestral area extended to the ________.
Arctic OceanBaltic SeaBlack SeaNorth Sea

Question 9: a large set of ________ marked with agglutinative suffixes (13–14 cases on average; mainly later developments: Proto-Uralic is reconstructed with 6 cases), e.g.:
Grammatical caseAccusative caseGenitive caseNominative case

Question 10: In recent times, linguists often place the Urheimat further to the west and south and in the vicinity of the ________ River, close to the Urheimat of the Indo-European languages, or to the east and southeast of the Urals.
Sviyaga RiverKuybyshev ReservoirVolga RiverSelizharovka River


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