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Ural River: Quiz


Question 1: It later became an important center for the ________ and the Nogai Horde,
IlkhanateMongol EmpireGolden HordeChagatai Khanate

Question 2: The Ural (Russian: Урал, Kazakh: Жайық, Jayıq or Zhayyq), known as Yaik (Russian: Яик) before 1775, is a river flowing through Russia and ________.

Question 3: Another fishing technique was constructing a ________, known as uchug (учуг) across the river, to catch fish going upstream to spawn.
DamLock (water transport)WatermillWeir

Question 4: In the Middle Ages, the city of Saray-Jük on the lower Ural was an important trade center on the ________.
Sino-Roman relationsSilk RoadTang DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 5: It arises in the southern Ural Mountains and ends at the ________.
Aral SeaIssyk KulArctic OceanCaspian Sea

Question 6: It forms part of the traditional boundary between Europe and ________.
SingaporeAfricaMiddle EastAsia

Question 7: The Ural river in the center of Atyrau, ________.

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