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Ural Mountains: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does Ural Mountains come from?
, Soviet Russia, Commune of the Working People of Estonia
European part of Russia
If claimed, most likely Russia

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  a fragment of von Herberstein's map
  Chusovaya River

Question 3: They are usually considered the natural boundary between Europe and ________.
SingaporeMiddle EastContinentAsia

Question 4:
What region does Ural Mountains belong to?
South West England
Northern Mindanao, and Davao Region
East of England
Tyumen Oblast

Question 5: Geographically this range marks the northern part of the border between the continents of Europe and ________.
Middle EastSingaporeAsiaAfrica

Question 6: Erosion has exposed considerable mineral wealth in the Urals, including gems such as topaz and ________.
TourmalineEmeraldBerylUnited States

Question 7: The Middle Urals, at about the latitude of Moscow, ________ and Yekaterinburg, are fairly low.
RussiaChaykovsky, Perm KraiBereznikiPerm

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  Chusovaya River
  Chusovaya River
  Verkhoturye in 1910

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  A mine in the Ural Mountains, 1910.
  Chusovaya River
  Chusovaya River
  a fragment of von Herberstein's map

Question 10: The Urals were first studied in a systematic way by Russian mineralogist Ernst Karlovich Hofmann (1801-1871) of ________ University.
Saint PetersburgLeningrad OblastBashkortostanMoscow


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