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Upton Sinclair: Quiz


Question 1: Upton Sinclair was the writer or producer of several films, including his involvement, in 1930-32, with Sergei Eisenstein, for ¡Qué viva México!, ________ got him involved in the project.
Charlie Chaplin filmographyThe Gold RushCharlie ChaplinThe Great Dictator

Question 2:
How is Upton Sinclair described?
French political philosopher, historian
Political scientist
Bengali political leader
American novelist, writer, journalist, political activist

Question 3:
What is Upton Sinclair also known as?
Sinclair, Upton
Reeves, Scott
Ethelbald; Aethelbald
de Kirkby, John

Question 4:
What did Upton Sinclair do for a living?

Question 5: Sinclair lost to ________ in the election and largely abandoned EPIC and politics to return to writing.
John BiglerWilliam StephensFrank MerriamC. C. Young

Question 6:
When is Upton Sinclair's birthday?

Question 7: Science fiction author ________ was deeply involved in Sinclair's campaign, a point that Heinlein tried to obscure in later biographies, as he tried to keep his personal politics separate from his public image as an author.
Robert A. HeinleinTo Sail Beyond the SunsetFuture HistoryRobert A. Heinlein bibliography

Question 8: However, the race of 1934 became known as the first race to use modern campaign techniques like ________.
FilmFilmmakingMovie theaterIndependent film

Question 9: Sinclair is featured as one of the main characters in Chris Bachelder's ________ fictional book, U.S.!: a Novel.
Play (theatre)LiteraturePoetrySatire

Question 10:
What is the nationality of Upton Sinclair?


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