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Upper Egypt: Quiz


Question 1: In 20th Century Egypt, the title Prince of the Sa'id (meaning Prince of Upper Egypt) was used by the ________ to the Egyptian throne.
JapanDenmarkHeir apparentMonarchy

Question 2: In the 11th Century large numbers of pastoralists, known as Hilalians, fled Upper Egypt and moved westward into ________ and as far as Tunis.

Question 3: [3] The first nome was roughly where modern ________ is and the twenty-second was at modern Atfih (Aphroditopolis), just to the south of Cairo.

Question 4: The designation Upper Egypt is most frequently used as a division for ________.
Ancient EgyptNew KingdomAlexander the GreatPtolemaic Kingdom

Question 5: [8] It is believed that degraded grazing conditions in Upper Egypt associated with the beginning of the ________, were the root cause of the migration.
Atlantic OceanMedieval Warm PeriodUnited StatesLittle Ice Age


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