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Ununoctium: Quiz


Question 1: [49] On the other hand, with highly electronegative elements, ununoctium seems to form more stable compounds than for example element 112 or ________.

Question 2: [31] In 1979 the ________ published recommendations according to which the element was to be called ununoctium,[9] a systematic element name, as a placeholder until the discovery of the element is confirmed and the IUPAC decides on a name.
IUPAC nomenclatureCarbonInternational Union of Pure and Applied ChemistryPotassium

Question 3: The members of this group are usually inert to most common chemical reactions (for example, combustion) because the outer ________ is completely filled with eight electrons.
FranciumPeriodic tableNoble gasElectron shell

Question 4: and checking that the 290Uuh decay matched the ________ of the 294Uuo nuclei.
Uranium-236Nuclear fission productLong-lived fission productDecay chain

Question 5: [5][52] Unlike the other noble gases, ununoctium was predicted to be sufficiently electropositive to form a Uuo–Cl bond with ________.

Question 6: [47] Even given the large uncertainties of the calculations, it seems highly unlikely that element 118 would be a gas under ________.
Standard conditions for temperature and pressurePressure measurementGas constantTemperature

Question 7: [36] Ununoctium is radioactive and has ________ that appears to be less than a millisecond.
Nuclear fissionRadioactive decayCosmic rayHalf-life

Question 8: For example, although ununoctium is a member of Group 18, it is probably not a ________, as are all the other Group 18 elements.
Noble gasHalogenPeriodic tableMetal

Question 9: [41] It is thought that similarly, ununoctium has a closed outer valence shell in which its ________ are arranged in a 7s2, 7p6 configuration.
Noble gasValence electronCarbonMetal

Question 10: [1] It was formerly thought to be a gas but is now predicted to be a ________ under normal conditions.
Materials scienceSiliconSolidCarbon

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