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Untermensch: Quiz


Question 1: For instance, German author ________ contrasts the Übermensch/Untermensch word pair in his novel Der Pharrt (1898, see Chapter 33).
Walter ScottGermanyTheodor FontaneBerlin

Question 2: Earlier examples of "Untermensch" include Romanticist ________ using the term in his novel Hesperus (1795) in reference to an Orangutan (Chapter "8.
Jean PaulE. T. A. HoffmannJohann Wolfgang von GoetheMikhail Lermontov

Question 3: The term was used as a contrast to the Übermensch "over-man" in his book ________ (German: Also Sprach Zarathustra.
Friedrich NietzscheHuman, All Too HumanThus Spoke ZarathustraThe Antichrist (book)

Question 4: Stoddard's book-long diatribe dealt with the recent takeover of power by the ________ in Russia, arguing that that country was now ruled by the most degenerate people on the Earth.
MenshevikVladimir LeninBolshevikRussian Social Democratic Labour Party

Question 5: by introducing far-ranging ________ programmes.
EugenicsNazi GermanyScientific racismThe Holocaust

Question 6: Note that the heading (including the awkward German) is the subtitle of the German version of ________'s book!
Nordic raceW. E. B. Du BoisScientific racismLothrop Stoddard

Question 7: Untermensch (German for under man, sub-man, sub-human; plural: Untermenschen) is a term from ________ philosophy.
ExistentialismImmanuel KantFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 8: He thought that the combination of the alleged inherent racial inferiority of Russian ________, the idiocy of a political creed that appealed to the vilest human instincts (e.g.
Slavic peoplesSerbsSouth SlavsSlavic languages

Question 9: However, it is possible that Stoddard constructed his "under man" as an antipode to ________'s Übermensch (or superman) concept.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelExistentialismFriedrich NietzscheImmanuel Kant

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