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Unsuccessful attempts to amend the U.S. Constitution: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ proposed in 1972 (92nd Congress).
KentuckyEqual Rights AmendmentNorth CarolinaUnited States Constitution

Question 2: The unratified Article I would have regulated the size of the ________ and is still technically pending before, and subject to, ratification by the state legislatures.
United States SenateUnited States CongressUnited States House of RepresentativesState governments of the United States

Question 3: A two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress —assuming the presence of a ________ — may approve/propose an amendment.
CommitteeCensureParliamentary procedureQuorum

Question 4: In 1992, in conjunction with congressional resolutions approving of the ratification of the 27th amendment, Senator ________ (D-WV) introduced a resolution (S.
John KerryJohn McCainRobert ByrdJoe Lieberman

Question 5: Their prescription drew upon their experience with the Articles of Confederation, which had been the United States' previous supreme law since ________, and which required a unanimous vote of 13 states to amend.
1781March 4September 28March 15

Question 6: ________ proposed in 1810 (the second session of the 11th Congress) and which came close to being ratified by the legislatures of the requisite number of states.
Fourteenth Amendment to the United States ConstitutionTwenty-seventh Amendment to the United States ConstitutionTitles of Nobility AmendmentEighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Question 7: The ________ has been amended 27 times since the Constitution was ratified in 1788.
Continental AssociationUnited States ConstitutionUnited States CongressElectoral College (United States)

Question 8: the full voting rights in Congress of a ________.
MassachusettsColoradoU.S. stateConnecticut


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