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Question 1: A notable example is the long-running British radio soap ________ which has featured several such silent characters[4].
The ArchersJust a MinuteI'm Sorry I Haven't a ClueThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (radio series)

Question 2: The British comedy drama series Minder starred George Cole as ________ wheeler-dealer Arthur Daley who would refer to his unseen wife as "'er indoors".
Estuary EnglishCockneyBritish EnglishEnglish language

Question 3: The work of ________, for example, included the "unseen character".
VoltaireGottfried LeibnizScottish EnlightenmentDeism

Question 4: Excited by Wogan's arrival, Pru began to talk, and wouldn't shut up: the big surprise being that she had the voice of Dame ________.
Helen MirrenMaggie SmithJudi DenchPeggy Ashcroft

Question 5: ________, television shows and stage plays make use of characters who are not seen or heard, but who have an effect on the events portrayed.
FilmmakingMovie theaterIndependent filmFilm

Question 6: Rosaline in ________ also by William Shakespeare is often spoken of but never has any direct presence in the play.
The TempestShakespeare authorship questionRomeo and JulietHamlet


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