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Unreal Engine: Quiz


Question 1: The third generation Unreal Engine (UE3) was designed for ________ 9/10 PCs, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Media FoundationMicrosoft Sync FrameworkMicrosoft Jet Database EngineDirectX

Question 2:
Which of the following genres does Unreal Engine produce?

Question 3:
What license is Unreal Engine distributed under?
UDK free for noncommercial use
Copyright u00A9 1979 Atari Inc. Proprietary
based on Apache License 2.0
Artistic License 2.0

Question 4:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Unreal Engine?

Question 5:
Which of the following platforms does Unreal Engine run on?

Question 6: Making its debut in 1998, the first generation Unreal Engine integrated rendering, ________, AI, visibility, networking and file system management into one complete engine.
Collision detectionScene graphBounding volumePhysics engine

Question 7: Many other engine elements were also updated, with improved assets and added support for the PlayStation 2, ________ and the Xbox.
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemWiiNintendo 64Nintendo GameCube

Question 8: Internally, Epic used this engine for ________ and Unreal Tournament.
UnrealUnreal Tournament 2004Steam (content delivery)Soldat

Question 9: Build UE2.5, an update, improved rendering performance and added vehicles physics, particle system editor for UnrealEd and 64-bit support in ________.
Steam (content delivery)XfireUnreal Tournament 2004Soldat

Question 10: A specialized version of UE2.5 called UE2X, which was used for Unreal Championship 2, features optimizations specific to the first-generation ________.
XboxMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox 360Xbox Live

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