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Question 1: Some scientists feel that the development of the laws of thermodynamics in the 19th century and ________ in the 20th century have weakened a purely scientific expression of the cosmological argument.
Quantum mechanicsSchrödinger equationWave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanics

Question 2: The unmoved mover (κινούμενον κινεῖ) is a philosophical concept described by ________ as the first cause that sets the universe into motion.
PlatoAristotleBertrand RussellEmpiricism

Question 3: Nonetheless, he concludes his Metaphysics, Book Λ, with a quotation from the ________: “The rule of many is not good; one ruler let there be.”[3][4]
AchillesIliadOdysseusTrojan War

Question 4: Physicist ________ directly addresses the cosmological argument in his book Hyperspace, saying it is easily dismissed by the laws of conservation of mass and energy and the laws governing molecular physics.
M-theoryString theoryMichio KakuCNN


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