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University of Virginia: Quiz


Question 1: At the onset of the ________, the University of Virginia was the largest in the Southern United States and second nationwide only to Harvard University in its scope.
Union (American Civil War)Bleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarTennessee

Question 2:
What region does University of Virginia belong to?
Pays de la Loire
Yorkshire and the Humber
Europe and North America

Question 3:
When was University of Virginia established?

Question 4:

Question 5:
Who of the following has been president of University of Virginia?
Dianne F. Harrison
George French, Jr.
Teresa A. Sullivan
Dilys ThomasKaye Davies

Question 6:
What state is University of Virginia associated with?

Question 7:

Question 8: The Dalai Lama, ________ Desmond Tutu, and several other Nobel Peace laureates stayed on Grounds for one week in 1998 while attending the University's historic Nobel Laureates Conference.
Bishop (Catholic Church)Catholic Church hierarchyArchbishopPope John Paul II

Question 9: ________ became the first ACC player in conference history to win the NCAA Singles Championship, which he won in two consecutive years.
John IsnerMarin ČilićSomdev DevvarmanMahesh Bhupathi

Question 10: A number of secret societies at the University, most notably the ________, Z Society, and IMP Society, have operated for decades, leaving their painted marks on University buildings.
John Lloyd NewcombVirginia Cavaliers footballSeven SocietyThomas Jefferson


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