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University of Texas at Austin: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the motto of University of Texas at Austin?
Fidelity to our nation and flag,
Disciplina praesidium civitatis
Zonder vrees en zonder blaam
Know God. . . be strong, and do great exploits! Daniel 11:32

Question 2:
What type is thing is University of Texas at Austin?

Question 3: [18] Following the Whitman incident, the observation deck was closed until 1968, and then closed again in 1975 following a series of ________ jumps during the 1970s.
CremationEuthanasiaSuicideDeath and culture

Question 4: Over 15 graduates have served in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, such as ________ '42, who served as both a U.S.
Bill ClintonAl GoreLloyd BentsenLyndon B. Johnson

Question 5:
What is the street address of University of Texas at Austin?

Question 6:
When was University of Texas at Austin established?
1935 as Central Pentecostal College now Horizon College and Seminary

Question 7: Noted film director, cinematographer, writer, and editor Robert Rodriguez is a Longhorn, as are actors ________ and Matthew McConaughey.
Walter MatthauAl PacinoEli WallachRoddy McDowall

Question 8: [13][14] In addition, the university was recognized by ________ as "America's Best Sports College" in 2002.
People (magazine)Money (magazine)Entertainment WeeklySports Illustrated

Question 9:
What are the colours of the University of Texas at Austin?
Burnt orange and white
Burnt Orange, Black, White
Burnt orange and green., White and green prior to UT System merger.
Navy Blue, Ice Blue, Burnt Orange, and White

Question 10: It won a fourth title under head coach ________ in 2005 after a 41-38 victory over previously undefeated Southern California in the 2006 Rose Bowl.
Texas Longhorns football under Mack BrownMack BrownBob StoopsBill Snyder

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