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University of Manchester: Quiz


Question 1: Before the merger, the University and UMIST between them counted 23 ________ winners amongst their former staff and students.
Nobel Prize controversiesNobel FoundationNobel Peace PrizeNobel Prize

Question 2:
Where does University of Manchester come from?
Great Britain

Question 3:
What is the street address of University of Manchester?

Question 4: It was founded by Robert Darbishire with a donation from Sir ________ in 1889, as The Whitworth Institute and Park.
Joseph WhitworthWilliam Armstrong, 1st Baron ArmstrongEnglandManchester

Question 5:
When was University of Manchester established?
1927 - University College
ante 1291 u2013 2007 merger
2004, by the merger of the Victoria University of Manchester, and UMIST

Question 6: ________ (awarded Nobel prize in 1922), for his discovery relating to the production of heat in the muscle.
Emil Adolf von BehringFrederick BantingArchibald HillRonald Ross

Question 7: The university was established and granted a ________ in 1880 to become England's first civic university; it was renamed the Victoria University of Manchester in 1903 and then absorbed Owens College the following year.
United KingdomRoyal charterRutgers UniversityMcGill University

Question 8:
How many staff does University of Manchester have?

Question 9: In 2004, the Victoria University of Manchester (established in 1851) and the ________ (established in 1824) were formally merged into a single institution.
Manchester Business SchoolSackville Street (Manchester)University of Manchester Institute of Science and TechnologyJohn Rylands Library

Question 10:
What are the colours of the University of Manchester?
Purple, Orange
Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow , Green
Blue, Gold, Purple
Purple and White.


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