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University of Georgia: Quiz


Question 1: On the inside is a technological space that includes two dozen classrooms capable of seating 2,400 students and equipped with the latest technology, from ________ connections to projection equipment to laptop connections.
Central processing unitPersonal computerComputerLinux

Question 2:
Who of the following has been president of University of Georgia?

Question 3:
When was University of Georgia established?

Question 4:
What is the street address of University of Georgia?

Question 5:
What type is thing is University of Georgia?
Public Land Grant and Sea Grant

Question 6: The first meeting of the university's board of trustees was held in ________ on February 13, 1786.
Richmond County, GeorgiaAugusta, GeorgiaMcDuffie County, GeorgiaColumbia County, Georgia

Question 7:
What is the motto of University of Georgia?
Multa Corda, Una Causa
Facere et Docere u2219 Veritas
Rerum cognoscere causas
Et docere et rerum exquirere causas

Question 8:
What state is University of Georgia associated with?

Question 9: Two UGA ________ are named after these graduates, Creswell Hall and Mary Lyndon Hall.
Great hallBathroomBancroft HallDormitory

Question 10: [24] Located at the heart of the UGA campus, it houses both classroom space and ________ space in close proximity.
LibraryItalyIslamic Golden AgeBook


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