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University College London: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following is University College London affiliated with?

Question 2:
How many students does University College London have?

Question 3: Other libraries within UCL include the Cruciform Library (medical science), the Environmental Studies Library (architecture and planning) and the ________ library on Taviton Street.
School of Slavonic and East European StudiesUniversity College LondonSlade School of Fine ArtInstitute of Archaeology

Question 4: Important authors include Stella Gibbons, Robert Browning, Rabindranath Tagore (did not graduate), Raymond Briggs and ________.
C. S. LewisG. K. ChestertonTerry PratchettHilaire Belloc

Question 5: David Gower and ________ from sports are also UCL graduates.
Cathy FreemanChristine OhuruoguSanya RichardsTonique Williams-Darling

Question 6: Archives include the Latin American archives, the Jewish collections and the ________ Archive.
George Orwell bibliographyGeorge OrwellNineteen Eighty-FourHomage to Catalonia

Question 7: [64][65] All five of the naturally occurring ________ were discovered at UCL by Sir William Ramsay, who was chair of chemistry[66] and after whom Ramsay Hall is named.
Noble gasHalogenMetalPeriodic table

Question 8: The Flaxman Gallery, a collection of sculptures and paintings by artist ________ is located inside the 'main library' in the Octagon building under UCL's central dome
EnglandJohn FlaxmanVictoria and Albert MuseumLondon

Question 9:
What is the street address of University College London?
New London, CT
London, Ontario
Bloomsbury, Central London.
New London

Question 10:
What is the motto of University College London?
Palma non sine pulvere
"Palma Merenti"
Palma Virtuti
Cuncti adsint meritaeque expectent praemia palmae


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