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University College, Oxford: Quiz


Question 1: Previous Masters include John Albery, Kingman Brewster, Lord Goodman, Lord Redcliffe-Maud, Arthur Lehman Goodhart, and ________.
Clement AttleeWinston ChurchillLabour Party (UK)William Beveridge

Question 2: Samuel Johnson (author of the ________ and a member of Pembroke) was a frequent visitor to the Senior Common Room at University College during the 18th Century).
Early life of Samuel JohnsonA Dictionary of the English LanguageLives of the Most Eminent English PoetsThe Plays of William Shakespeare (1765)

Question 3: Univ was founded by William of Durham in 1249 (although there exist unproven claims it was founded by ________ in 872), and until the 16th century was only open to Fellows studying theology.
Cnut the GreatÆthelred the UnreadyEdward the ElderAlfred the Great

Question 4: Two twentieth-century Prime Ministers have been associated with Univ.: ________ was an undergraduate here, and Harold Wilson a Fellow.
Ramsay MacDonaldMargaret ThatcherClement AttleeWinston Churchill

Question 5: Other political leaders include US President ________, and Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia.
Ed RendellAl GoreHoward DeanBill Clinton

Question 6: University College (in full, the The Master and Fellows of the College of the Great Hall of the University of Oxford,[1][2] colloquially referred to as Univ[3]), is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in ________.
ScotlandWalesEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: As Univ grew in size and wealth, its ________ buildings were replaced with the current Main Quadrangle in the 17th Century.
High Middle AgesLate Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 8: As of 2009 the college had an estimated ________ of £110m.
Leverage (finance)Limited partnershipInstitutional investorFinancial endowment

Question 9: Although the foundation stone was placed on 17 April 1634 the disruption of the ________ meant it was not completed until sometime in 1676.
English ReformationEnglish peopleEnglandEnglish Civil War


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