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Question 1: The ________ is still unknown, because it depends critically on the curvature index k and the cosmological constant Λ.
Big BounceBig BangUltimate fate of the universeBig Crunch

Question 2: The precise manner in which the coordinate and time differences change with motion is described by the ________.
Luminiferous aetherMaxwell's equationsSpecial relativityLorentz transformation

Question 3: However, in bubble universe theory, there may be an infinite variety of "universes" created in various ways, and perhaps each with different ________.
Physical constantPlanck unitsNatural unitsPlanck constant

Question 4: Al-Razi rejected the ________ and Avicennian view of a single universe.
Virtue ethicsAristotelianismPhronesisAristotle

Question 5: The equation describing how R varies with time is known as the ________, after its inventor, Alexander Friedmann.
Friedmann equationsBig BangHubble's lawUniverse

Question 6: The same synonyms are found in English, such as everything (as in the theory of everything), the cosmos (as in cosmology), the world (as in the many-worlds hypothesis), and ________ (as in natural laws or natural philosophy).
EarthNatural environmentNatureGeology

Question 7: The imprecision of current observations has hindered predictions of the ________.
Big BangBig BounceUltimate fate of the universeBig Crunch

Question 8: The earliest known philosophical models of the Universe are found in the Vedas, the earliest texts on Indian philosophy and Hindu philosophy dating back to the late ________.
Ancient Near East3rd millennium BC2nd millennium BC13th century BC

Question 9: Einstein's field equations include a ________ (Λ),[59][60] that corresponds to an energy density of empty space.
Cosmological constantUniverseBig BangDark energy

Question 10: There is no explanation for the particular values that physical constants appear to have throughout our Universe, such as Planck's constant h or the ________ G.
Planck unitsGravitational constantForceMass

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