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Units of measurement: Quiz


Question 1: The judicious selection of the units of measurement can aid researchers in problem solving (see, for example, ________).
SpeedForceDimensional analysisEnergy

Question 2:
Units of measurement, PH and Decibel are all:
Units of measure Human-based units of measure Obsolete units of measure Customary units of measure

Question 3: US customary units are still the main system of measurement used in the ________ despite Congress having legally authorized metric measure on 28 July 1866.
AlaskaCanadaPhilippinesUnited States

Question 4: In physics and metrology, units are standards for ________ of physical quantities that need clear definitions to be useful.
Metric systemPlanck unitsUnited States customary unitsMeasurement

Question 5: ________, medicine, and engineering often use larger and smaller units of measurement than those used in everyday life and indicate them more precisely.
Social sciencesSciencePseudoscienceScientific method

Question 6: An important feature of modern systems is ________.
Standards organizationStandardizationSpecification (technical standard)Open standard

Question 7:
Units of measurement, Inch and Foot (length) are all:
Units of measure Customary units of measure Obsolete units of measure Human-based units of measure

Question 8: For example, there are unit sets in which the electric and ________ have the same unit.
Magnetic momentMaxwell's equationsMagnetismMagnetic field

Question 9: There are seven ________.
SI base unitKilogramMetrePlanck constant

Question 10: Reproducibility of experimental results is central to the ________.
Relationship between religion and sciencePseudoscienceScienceScientific method


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