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United States presidential election, 2004: Quiz


Question 1: [38] However the ________ has full regulatory authority over federal testing and certification processes, as well as an influential advisory role in certain voting industry matters.
United States SenateElection Assistance CommissionHelp America Vote ActColorado

Question 2: Both Kerry and ________ Chairman Howard Dean have stated their opinion that voting in Ohio did not proceed fairly and that, had it done so, the Democratic ticket might have won that state and therefore the election.
Democratic National CommitteeMichael DukakisJoe LiebermanJohn Kerry

Question 3:
Where does United States presidential election, 2004 come from?
United States
Great Britain
Czech Republic

Question 4:
What state is United States presidential election, 2004 associated with?

Question 5: The widespread support for Bush in the Southern states continued the transformation of the formerly Democratic ________ to the Republican South.
United States presidential election, 1964Solid SouthUnited States presidential election, 1960Lyndon B. Johnson

Question 6: Software. Without proper testing and certification, critics believe ________ machines could produce an incorrect report due to malfunction or deliberate manipulation.
DRE voting machineVoter Verified Paper Audit TrailElectronic voting examplesElectronic voting

Question 7:
What type is thing is United States presidential election, 2004?

Question 8: The upper Midwest bloc of Minnesota, ________, and Wisconsin is also notable, casting a sum of 27 electoral votes.

Question 9: An initial poll by ABC indicated a victory for Cheney, while polls by ________ and MSNBC gave it to Edwards.
CNNCNN en EspañolFox News ChannelHLN (TV channel)

Question 10:
Which is currently the premier party of United States presidential election, 2004?


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