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United States presidential election, 1948: Quiz


Question 1:
Which is currently the premier party of United States presidential election, 1948?

Question 2: Governor Thomas E. Dewey of ________
MassachusettsNew YorkNew JerseyConnecticut

Question 3: Truman, aided by the Secret Service, sneaked away from reporters covering him in Kansas City and made his way to nearby ________, a small resort town.
Smithville, MissouriIndependence, MissouriExcelsior Springs, MissouriLiberty, Missouri

Question 4: On election night - November 2 - Dewey, his family, and campaign staff confidently gathered in the Roosevelt Hotel in ________ to await the returns.
ManhattanNew York CityNew York metropolitan areaBrooklyn

Question 5: There he took a room in the local hotel, had dinner and a ________, and went to sleep.
United KingdomEnglandTurkish bathIstanbul

Question 6:
What state is United States presidential election, 1948 associated with?

Question 7:
What format does United States presidential election, 1948 follow?

Question 8:
Where does United States presidential election, 1948 come from?
United States
United States
South Africa

Question 9: Truman: A Study of a Failure." As Truman made his way to his hometown of ________ to await the election returns, not a single reporter traveling on his campaign train thought that he would win.
Liberty, MissouriPlatte City, MissouriHarrisonville, MissouriIndependence, Missouri

Question 10: At the Democratic Convention, a group of Northern liberals, led by Minneapolis Mayor ________, successfully pushed through a platform (over vigorous Southern opposition) that promoted civil rights for blacks.
Edmund MuskieWalter MondaleHubert HumphreyLyndon B. Johnson

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