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United States military in Iraq: Quiz


Question 1: Some soldiers added armor by using modifications known as ________.
Improvised vehicle armourVehicle armourUnited States Marine CorpsIraq War

Question 2: Army's ________ headquarters, under Lt.
United States Army101st Airborne DivisionXVIII Airborne Corps (United States)10th Mountain Division (United States)

Question 3: It has operational control over one combat brigade, based at Tallil Airbase near ________.

Question 4: It is based at Contingency Operating Base Speicher outside ________, where one of its brigades is also stationed.

Question 5: During the insurgency, it was found that most army vehicles such as ________ were insufficiently armored, leading to efforts to add greater armor to protced again improvised explosive devices.
Mercedes-Benz G-ClassCadillac Gage CommandoHigh Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled VehiclePinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle

Question 6: The United States military has played a major role in the ________ and the subsequent Iraq War.
2003 invasion of IraqRefugees of IraqIraqi insurgencyPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present

Question 7: As of 2008, three riverine squadrons are active in the Navy, all under the command of Riverine Group 1, located in ________.
Norfolk, VirginiaVirginia BeachNewport News, VirginiaHampton Roads

Question 8: Multi-National Division Baghdad is headquartered by the 1st Cavalry Division, based at Camp Victory (primary component of the Victory Base Complex), north of ________.
Royal JordanianGulf AirIraqi AirwaysBaghdad International Airport

Question 9: MNF-I replaced Combined Joint Task Force 7 in ________.
May 2005May 2004December 2004November 2004

Question 10: TF 77 is under the command of the ________ and its principal mission is to hunt down the leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq.
Special Forces (United States Army)Joint Special Operations CommandUnited States Special Operations CommandDelta Force


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