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United States hand grenades: Quiz


Question 1: ________
List of individual weapons of the U.S. armed forcesUnited States Marine CorpsList of crew-served weapons of the U.S. armed forcesUnited States Air Force

Question 2: The M15 is a ________ smoke grenade, nicknamed Willie Peter or Willie Pete (White Phosphorus), used for screening and signaling purposes.
2006 Lebanon WarGaza WarWhite phosphorusIran–Iraq War

Question 3: The military of the United States has used many of different types of ________ since its foundation.
Hand grenadeFranceGunpowderLand mine

Question 4: Developed as a joint project between the US Navy and the ________ Chemical company, the EX 1 and EX 2 were part of the Target Illumination and Recovery Aid (or TIARA) program.
ComcastDuPontSunocoHSBC Bank USA

Question 5: Also, since the thermite reaction uses iron oxide instead of ________ for its oxidizing agent, the grenade can work under water.

Question 6: It could be filled with CNS, a mixture of CN in Chloropicrin and ________ called a Chloracetophenone solution (which functions very much like regular CN), or with AC, Hydrocyanic Acid, a powerful blood agent.
Carbon tetrachlorideBromoformChloroformDichloromethane

Question 7: Working off the intense and violent reaction of the ________ filler, end result of the detonation of the M14 is molten iron.
HydrogenPyrotechnic compositionThermiteMagnesium

Question 8: IM is a thickened incendiary mixture, and NP is a ________ filler.
Korean WarIncendiary deviceNapalmUnited States


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