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United States and the United Nations: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ has shown particular concern with reforms related to UN effectiveness and efficiency.
110th United States CongressUnited States Congress111th United States CongressUnited States Senate

Question 2: withdrew from ________, and began to deliberately withhold its UN dues as a form of pressure on the UN.
Special Court for Sierra LeoneUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNESCOUNICEF

Question 3: It appeared in the Declaration by the United Nations where, on January 1, 1942, 26 nations pledged to continue fighting the ________.
Italian Social RepublicNazi GermanyIon AntonescuAxis powers

Question 4: ________
Sino-American relationsForeign relations of the United StatesForeign policy of the United StatesCriticism of American foreign policy

Question 5: Following the overthrow of the former Iraqi government, the ________ led an exhaustive search of Iraq for WMD.
Iraqi insurgencyRationale for the Iraq WarIraq WarIraq Survey Group

Question 6: and UN jointly condemned the invasion of South Korea by North Korean troops, leading to the UN sanctioned ________.
Cold WarKorean WarSino-Soviet border conflictVietnam War

Question 7: In ________, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1441, giving Iraq an ultimatum to co-operate in disarmament within an unstated timeframe of a few months.
November 2003May 2005November 2002April 2005

Question 8: Other countries, led by ________, Germany and Russia, maintained that Resolution 1441 did not authorize the use of force without passage of a further Resolution.
United KingdomCanadaItalyFrance

Question 9: The term "United Nations" was suggested by ________[1] during World War II, to refer to the Allies.
Lyndon B. JohnsonFranklin D. RooseveltJohn F. KennedyHarry S. Truman

Question 10: and the UN predates the collapse of the ________.
East GermanyJoseph StalinSoviet UnionRussia


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