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United States Senate: Quiz


Question 1: Each ________ is represented by two senators, regardless of population.
MassachusettsU.S. stateColoradoConnecticut

Question 2:
Who of the following is/was the leader of United States Senate?

Question 3: The United States Senate is the upper house of the bicameral ________, the lower house being the House of Representatives.
United States Constitution110th United States CongressUnited States Congress111th United States Congress

Question 4: [8] In September 2009, ________ changed its law to enable the governor to appoint a temporary replacement for the late Senator Kennedy until the special election in January 2010.
MaineMassachusettsConnecticutRhode Island

Question 5: [9][10] In 2004, ________ enacted legislation and a separate ballot referendum that took effect on the same day, but that conflicted with each other.
United StatesAlaskaNorthwestern United StatesWashington

Question 6: Officials whose appointments require the Senate's approval include members of the Cabinet, heads of most federal executive agencies, ________, Justices of the Supreme Court, and other federal judges.
Diplomatic rankDiplomatic missionConsul (representative)Ambassador

Question 7: Oregon and Wisconsin require special elections for vacancies, and ________ permits the governor to appoint only the winner of a special election.

Question 8: ________ rules for independent and minor party candidates vary from state to state.
Write-in candidateBallot accessElectionGerrymandering

Question 9: (One resigned before the Senate could complete the trial.)[32] Only two presidents of the United States have ever been impeached: ________ in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998.
Bill BrockTheodore RooseveltAbraham LincolnAndrew Johnson

Question 10: In 1837, it elected ________.
John C. BreckinridgeRichard Mentor JohnsonMartin Van BurenAlben W. Barkley


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