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United States Numbered Highways: Quiz


Question 1: 1982, is nowhere near ________.
U.S. Route 2U.S. Route 52U.S. Route 10U.S. Route 12

Question 2: U.S. Route 412 uses the Cimarron Turnpike in ________; the old road is U.S. Route 64.

Question 3: Route 1 and ________.
U.S. Route 1U.S. Route 4U.S. Route 9U.S. Route 46

Question 4: U.S. Route 51, ________ to New Orleans, LA
Kimball, WisconsinMontreal, WisconsinHurley, WisconsinMercer, Wisconsin

Question 5: As these highways were coordinated among the states, they are infrequently referred to as Federal Highways, but they have always been maintained by state or ________ since their initial designation in 1926.
Local governmentMunicipalityFranceProvince

Question 6: In addition, ________, designated in 1970, is nowhere near U.S. Route 63.
U.S. Route 89U.S. Route 64U.S. Route 91U.S. Route 163

Question 7: One of the more interesting cases was the proposed extension of U.S. Route 97 to ________ along the Alaska Highway, canceled because the Yukon Territory refused to renumber its section as 97.
Northwestern United StatesUnited StatesWashingtonAlaska

Question 8: While AASHTO guidelines specifically prohibit ________ and U.S.
U.S. stateUnited States Numbered HighwaysInterstate Highway SystemMaryland

Question 9: Route 74 in ________ (which run concurrently).
South CarolinaNorth CarolinaGeorgia (U.S. state)Pennsylvania

Question 10: U.S. Route 70, ________ to Holbrook, AZ (where it met US 60)
Carteret County, North CarolinaGreenville, North CarolinaMorehead City, North CarolinaGastonia, North Carolina


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