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United States Constitution: Quiz


Question 1: Eighteenth Amendment (1919): Prohibited the manufacturing, importing, and exporting of alcoholic beverages (see ________).
Prohibition in the United StatesCapital punishment in the United StatesAbortion in the United States by stateAbortion in the United States

Question 2: The United States Constitution is the shortest and oldest written ________ still in use by any nation in the world today.
DemocracyConstitutionUnited KingdomLaw

Question 3: In the 1803 case ________, the Supreme Court established the doctrine of judicial review.
John MarshallMarbury v. MadisonUnited States ConstitutionJames Madison

Question 4: [6] Twelve states, ________ being the only exception, accepted this invitation and sent delegates to convene in May 1787.
ConnecticutMaineMassachusettsRhode Island

Question 5: A powerful ________ legislature with a House and a Senate[10]
BicameralismAustralian SenateUpper houseAbolished upper house

Question 6: ________ (1791)
United States Declaration of IndependenceUnited States ConstitutionSeparation of powers under the United States ConstitutionUnited States Bill of Rights

Question 7:
Who wrote United States Constitution?
Michael Roesch,
Delegates of the Philadelphia Convention
Leo Townsend

Question 8: The most recent decision interpreting the Second Amendment is ________.
District of Columbia v. HellerSecond Amendment to the United States ConstitutionJohn G. RobertsSupreme Court of the United States

Question 9: In her book, ________, she argues that all citizens seem to do, politically, is vote for president every four years, and not much else.
Bad for DemocracyUnited States CongressDemocratic Party (United States)United States Constitution

Question 10: On September 17, 1787, the Constitution was completed, followed by a speech given by ________, who urged unanimity, although the Convention decided that only nine states were needed to ratify.
Thomas JeffersonBenjamin FranklinThomas MifflinJohn Adams

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