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United States Coast Guard: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the motto of United States Coast Guard?
Imagine, Create, Achieve
Semper Paratus
"Knowledge is the Source of Truth"

Question 2:
What was the size of the United States Coast Guard?
Civilian employees: 7,057
1,100 civilian and 6 military members
Approximately 65 civilian and military personnel
32 Civilians

Question 3:
What are the colours of the United States Coast Guard?
Red and Black
Yellow, green, white
White, Orange, & Blue
Blue, Green

Question 4: ________, actor, Coast Guard Auxiliarist[61]
Lloyd BridgesBeau BridgesJeff BridgesWilliam Shatner

Question 5:
Which of the following battles did United States Coast Guard take part in?

Question 6:

Question 7: The current headquarters of the Coast Guard is at 2100 Second Street, SW, in Washington, D.C. near ________, where it will continue to have a presence at least into 2015.
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial StadiumNationals ParkWashington Nationals2008 Washington Nationals season

Question 8: 55 Coast Guardsmen have earned the ________ and numerous men and women have earned the Distinguished Flying Cross.
Navy CrossCommendation MedalDistinguished Service Cross (United States)Navy Distinguished Service Medal

Question 9: Douglas Munro, the only Coast Guardsman to be awarded the ________
Commendation MedalAchievement MedalMedal of HonorAwards and decorations of the United States military

Question 10: ________, professional football player and coach
Otto GrahamRed GrangeDick ButkusBob Griese


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