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United States Census: Quiz


Question 1: The 1890 census was the first to be compiled on a tabulating machine, developed by ________[6].
Herman Hollerith1890 United States CensusPunched cardThomas J. Watson

Question 2: ________
Mexican AmericanHispanic and Latino AmericansRace and ethnicity in the United States CensusWhite American

Question 3:
United States Census, Census of Agriculture and United States Senate Committee on the Census are all:
United States Census Bureau Article Feedback Pilot Decennial federal censuses of the United States Censuses in the United States

Question 4: The federal census records for the first census are missing for five states: ________, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey and Virginia.

Question 5: The United States Census is a decennial census mandated by the ________.
Electoral College (United States)Continental AssociationUnited States CongressUnited States Constitution

Question 6: The first census after the ________ was taken in 1790, under Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson; there have been 21 federal censuses since that time.
MassachusettsUnited States ConstitutionAmerican RevolutionVirginia

Question 7: ________ (CDP), a populated community that lacks a separate municipal government
Census-designated placeConnecticutAlaskaPlace (United States Census Bureau)

Question 8: In response to this, the census was mechanised in 1890, with tabulating machines made by ________.
Punched cardHerman Hollerith1890 United States CensusThomas J. Watson

Question 9: Every census up to and including 1930 is currently available to the public and can be viewed on microfilm released by the ________, the official keeper of archived federal census records.
Presidential libraryAbraham LincolnNational Archives and Records AdministrationWashington, D.C.

Question 10: In 1980, 4 FBI agents went to the Census Bureau's ________ office with warrants to seize Census documents, but were forced to leave with nothing.
Fort Collins, ColoradoAurora, ColoradoDenverColorado Springs, Colorado


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