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United States Asiatic Fleet: Quiz


Question 1: Patrol Wing 10 was ordered south into the ________ on 12 December, when the collapsing defenses of the islands made further operations untenable.
Netherlands New GuineaDutch EmpireDutch East IndiesMalacca

Question 2: Patrol Wing 10 had been commissioned in December 1940, and included Patrol Squadrons 101 (VP 101) and 102 (VP 102), each equipped with fourteen Consolidated PBY-4 ________.
Curtiss Model HShort BrothersFlying boatShort Sunderland

Question 3: 1 ocean-going ________ (USS Napa)
FerryBulk carrierOil tankerTugboat

Question 4: These minefields were designed to stop all vessels, except for ________ and shallow-draft surface craft.
TorpedoAlfa class submarineUnited States NavySubmarine

Question 5: In 1904, all armored cruisers were withdrawn from the ________.
East AsiaAsiaSoutheast AsiaFar East

Question 6: Thus constituted the Asiatic Fleet remained organizationally independent of the Pacific Fleet, which was based on the western coast of the United States and, in 1940, moved to Pearl Harbor, ________.

Question 7: In 1922, when the Atlantic Fleet was dissolved, the Asiatic Fleet was charged with defending the Philippines and ________ and with upholding the Open Door Policy in China.
GuamTuvaluMarshall IslandsPalau

Question 8: In an effort to break up another invasion, a small force of ABDA ships arrived on the island of ________ after the Japanese had made their landing and had retired, leaving only four Japanese destroyers on station.
JakartaBaliIndonesiaCentral Java

Question 9: The Asiatic Fleet and the ________ possessed:
United States Naval DistrictsVirginiaNorth CarolinaCalifornia

Question 10: various other ships, including 6 motor ________ that formed Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three
Torpedo boatSubmarineBattleshipKriegsmarine


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