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United States Air Force officer rank insignia: Quiz


Question 1: Agents of the ________ who are officers normally do not wear uniforms while on duty, but even when in uniform they often do not wear rank insignia.
Air Force Security Forces CenterU.S. Air Force Office of Special InvestigationsAir Force Cost Analysis AgencyAir Force Flight Standards Agency

Question 2: During the 1990s, Air Force Chief of Staff General ________ redesigned the service dress uniform to give it a more distinctive look.
John P. JumperMichael B. DonleyLarry D. WelchMerrill McPeak

Question 3: This explains why the Air Force has brigadier generals but no ________.
BrigadeRegimentCompany (military unit)Battalion

Question 4: An officer's record is reviewed by a selection board at the Air Force Personnel Center at ________ in San Antonio, Texas.
San Antonio International AirportLackland Air Force BaseRandolph Air Force BaseBrooks City-Base

Question 5: This chart displays the ________ officer rank insignia.
Air National GuardUnited States Air ForceCivil Air PatrolAir Force Reserve Command

Question 6: On the Air Force ________ uniform, officer rank insignia are embroidered in silver or gold thread on detachable shoulder boards which are attached to the mess dress jacket.
Dress uniformUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Marine CorpsMess dress

Question 7: On the ________ uniform, metal rank insignia pins are worn on the epaulets of the Air Force Blue service dress jacket.
British Army uniformDress uniformBattledressService Dress (British Army)

Question 8: The Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and ________ (ABU) feature subdued cloth rank insignia worn on both sides of the collar.
Air National GuardSecond Air ForceEighth Air ForceAirman Battle Uniform


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