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United Productions of America: Quiz


Question 1: UPA moved to the crowded field of theatrical cartoons to sustain itself, and won a contract with ________.
Screen GemsColumbia PicturesSony Pictures EntertainmentSony Pictures Television

Question 2: In 1951, UPA scored another hit with Gerald McBoing-Boing, based on a story by ________.
Dr. SeussYertle the Turtle and Other StoriesThe Butter Battle BookThe Seven Lady Godivas

Question 3: A series of posts criticising UPA's artistic style by ________
George LiquorJohn KricfalusiRen & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"The Ren and Stimpy Show

Question 4: Finding work (and income) in the then-booming field of wartime work for the government, the small studio produced a cartoon sponsored by the ________ (UAW) in 1944.
United SteelworkersAir Line Pilots Association, InternationalInternational Longshoremen's AssociationUnited Auto Workers

Question 5: Pink and Blue Blues – ________ Nominee
Academy Award for Best PictureAcademy Award for Best DirectorAcademy Award for Best ActorAcademy Award

Question 6: The ________ hearings took a toll on UPA.
Harry S. TrumanYouth International PartyCommunist Party USAHouse Un-American Activities Committee

Question 7: UPA expanded the Mr. Magoo series and brought it to television, along with other animated series, including an adaptation of the comic strip ________.
Broom-HildaBrewster Rockit: Space Guy!Dick TracyKTLA

Question 8: This led to UPA contracting with ________ studio to produce a new animated series called What's New Mr. Magoo? in September 1977.
DePatie-Freleng EnterprisesLooney TunesMerrie MelodiesThe Pink Panther Show

Question 9: ________ retained ownership of UPA's theatrical cartoons.
Sony Pictures TelevisionColumbia PicturesSony Pictures EntertainmentScreen Gems

Question 10: United Productions of America, better known as UPA, was an American ________ studio of the 1940s through present day, beginning with industrial films and World War II training films.
Animated cartoonAnimationTraditional animationStop motion

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