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United Nations Truce Supervision Organization: Quiz


Question 1: ________ of Sweden is appointed Mediator.
1948 Arab–Israeli WarFolke Bernadotte2006 Lebanon WarSix-Day War

Question 2: On 17 September 1948, UN Mediator ________, and Colonel Serot while on an official tour of duty to Jerusalem were murdered "in cold blood...
1948 Arab–Israeli War2006 Lebanon WarFolke BernadotteSix-Day War

Question 3: UNFIL - ________
United Nations Interim Force in LebanonIsrael2006 Lebanon WarTurkey

Question 4: Since then, UNTSO has also supervised the General Armistice Agreements of 1949 and the observation of the ceasefire in the Suez Canal area and the ________ following the Six-Day War of June 1967.
Golan Heights2006 Lebanon WarIsraelSyria

Question 5: [5] On 14 May 1948, the United Kingdom relinquished its mandate over Palestine and the State of ________ was proclaimed.
GreeceUnited StatesIsraelArmenia

Question 6: With the return of UN peacekeeping forces to Israel on 21 July 1948 the Headquarters for UNTSO was moved again on October 7, 1948 for the third and final time to Government House ________.

Question 7: To enforce the first of two truces, lasting four weeks, the UN then established an observer formation, with members drawn from ________, France, and the United States.
BelgiumUnited KingdomSpainDenmark

Question 8: By agreement, that last Israel element was withdrawn by 1600 GMT on 8 March and a full Israeli withdrawal from the ________ area was effected at the same time.
Sharm el-SheikhHurghadaTaba, EgyptCairo

Question 9: HKJIMAC - ________
Jordan–Israel Mixed Armistice CommissionUnited Nations Truce Supervision OrganizationMixed Armistice CommissionsArab–Israeli conflict

Question 10: The ________ commenced in the late 1970s.
Israeli–Lebanese conflict2006 Lebanon WarLebanese Civil War1982 Lebanon War


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