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United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference: Quiz


Question 1: Adjustably pegged ________ rate system: The exchange rates were fixed, with the provision of changing them if necessary.
Futures contractStock exchangeStock marketForeign exchange market

Question 2: The UK was represented at the conference by ________
Milton FriedmanJohn Maynard KeynesKeynesian economicsFriedrich von Hayek

Question 3: However, in 1995, the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations established the ________ (WTO) as the replacement body for GATT.
World Trade Organization accession and membershipUnited StatesEuropean UnionWorld Trade Organization

Question 4: However, ________, representing America which was the world's biggest creditor said "We have been perfectly adamant on that point.
Harry Dexter WhiteHarry S. TrumanWhittaker ChambersElizabeth Bentley

Question 5: The Conference also proposed the creation of an International Trade Organization (ITO) to establish rules and regulations for ________.
Trade blocGlobalizationInternational tradeInternational Monetary Fund

Question 6: The British delegation did not give up and the dissolution of the bank was held up just long enough until after Roosevelt had died, in April of 1945 the British and ________ stopped the process.
John F. KennedyHarry S. TrumanJimmy CarterLyndon B. Johnson

Question 7: After World War I, the need for the bank was suggested in 1929 by the Young Committee, as a means of transfer for German reparations payments - see ________.
Treaty of TrianonLeague of NationsTreaty of VersaillesAllies of World War I

Question 8: The problem was that the BIS, formed in 1930, and its main proponents of its establishment, were the then Governor of The Bank of England, Montague Norman and his colleague ________, later Adolf Hitlers finance minister.
Hjalmar SchachtWalther FunkAlbert SpeerHermann Göring

Question 9: ________ proposed the ICU as a way to regulate the balance of trade.
Keynesian economicsFriedrich von HayekJohn Maynard KeynesMilton Friedman

Question 10: In July 1944 ________ interrupted Keynes in a meeting fearing that the BIS would be dissolved by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
George MarshallJames F. ByrnesDean AchesonEdward Stettinius, Jr.


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