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United Mine Workers: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - 1920-1960
Franklin D. RooseveltNew DealUnited StatesJohn L. Lewis

Question 2: In 1969, the UMWA convinced the ________ to enact the landmark Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act which provided compensation for miners suffering from Black Lung Disease.
United States Congress111th United States Congress110th United States CongressUnited States Senate

Question 3: This is depicted in the ________ film Matewan.
John SaylesEight Men OutBaby It's You (film)Limbo (film)

Question 4: District 26 of the UMWA in Sydney, Nova Scotia, ________ struck in early March 1925 against the British Empire Steel Corporation (BESCO).
United StatesUnited KingdomBarbadosCanada

Question 5: The UMW is most powerful in West Virginia, as well as in ________ and other western states.

Question 6: The main difference between this labor union and many others of the time was due to the fact that it was an ________ labor union.
CoalAnthraciteAppalachian MountainsUnited Kingdom

Question 7: One famous song was written about the company stores of coal miners entitled ________.
Darkness DarknessSixteen TonsMy Secret Life (Eric Burdon album)Eric Burdon

Question 8: [2]
Antoher instance where the UMW was involved with polotics was when the United Mine Workers ran candidate Frank Henry Sherman under their union banner in the ________.
Alberta general election, 1917Alberta general election, 1909Alberta general election, 1905Alberta general election, 1913

Question 9: The UMW was founded in ________, on January 22, 1890, by the merger of two older groups, the Knights of Labor Trade Assembly No.
Ohio StatehouseColumbus, OhioClevelandAkron, Ohio

Question 10: The problem between these two leaders eventually began to increase up till and during ________.
Soviet occupationsWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II


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