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United Kingdom military aircraft serials: Quiz


Question 1: The serial on each side is usually on the rear fuselage, but this can vary depending on the aircraft type, for instance the delta winged Gloster Javelin had the serial on the forward engine nacelle, and the ________ had the serial on the tail.
Avro VulcanAvro LancasterAvro LincolnAvro Manchester

Question 2: The 'Naval' S sequence had reached only S1865, a ________, but when R9999 was reached in 1939, the next serial allocations did not run on from that point, but instead commenced at T1000.
Fairey N.9Fairey GordonFairey IIIFairey Swordfish

Question 3: When the ________ was formed in 1912 aircraft were identified by a letter/number system related to the manufacturer.
Sopwith CamelRoyal Aircraft Factory S.E.5Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2Royal Flying Corps

Question 4: The first serial was allocated to a Short S.34 for the ________, with the number 10000 going to a Blackburn-built B.E.2c aircraft in 1916.
Royal Naval Air ServiceRobert A. LittleRoyal Flying CorpsChristopher Draper

Question 5: A unified serial number system, maintained by the Air Ministry, and its successor the Ministry of Defence, is used for aircraft operated by the Royal Air Force, ________ and Army Air Corps.
Royal NavyFleet Air ArmWestland Sea KingFairey Swordfish

Question 6: In the ________ to identify individual aircraft, all military aircraft are allocated and display a serial number.
United KingdomWalesCanadaEngland

Question 7: By 1940 the serial Z9978 had been allocated to a ________ and it was decided to restart the sequence with a two-letter prefix, starting at AA100.
Bristol BeaufighterBristol Fairchild BolingbrokeBristol BlenheimBristol Beaufort

Question 8: Military aircraft operated by government agencies and civilian contractors (for example ________) are also assigned serials from this system.
QinetiQAtkins (company)RegusLogica


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