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United Kingdom general election, 2010: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is United Kingdom general election, 2010?
NICTD station
Studio Album

Question 2:
Which is currently the premier party of United Kingdom general election, 2010?
National Federation Party, Alliance Party, Fiji Labour Party
Labour Party
Republican Labour Party
Labour Representation Committee

Question 3:
Where does United Kingdom general election, 2010 come from?
United Kingdom
United States
South Africa

Question 4: In 2006 the ________ Boundary Commission proposed keeping the number of constituencies at 18 but with minor changes to its eastern constituencies.
ScotlandNorthern IrelandIrish peopleUnited Kingdom

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did United Kingdom general election, 2010 have?
Almost prime
Pierpont Prime
Prime Minister
Waring's prime number conjecture

Question 6:
Who of the following is/was the leader of United Kingdom general election, 2010?

Question 7: Incumbent Prime Minister
Gordon BrownJames CallaghanTony BlairHugh Gaitskell

Question 8: Constituencies in Wales were reviewed by the ________.
EnglandNorthern IrelandScotlandBoundary Commissions (United Kingdom)

Question 9: Labour regained the lead in June 2007 following the resignation of Tony Blair and the appointment of ________ as prime minister.
Hugh GaitskellLabour Party (UK)Gordon BrownJames Callaghan

Question 10: [4] Equally, ________ is seeking gains in Wales.
Plaid CymruWelsh Conservative PartyWelsh LabourNational Assembly for Wales


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