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United Kingdom general election, 2001: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following is/was the leader of United Kingdom general election, 2001?

Question 2:
Which is currently the premier party of United Kingdom general election, 2001?
Green Party of Northern Ireland
Communist Party of Northern Ireland
Workers' Party of Ireland
Northern Ireland Labour Party

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did United Kingdom general election, 2001 have?
Howard Chaykin
Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
Suburban Myth

Question 4:
Where does United Kingdom general election, 2001 come from?
EnglandnUnited Kingdom
Also bred, but not defined as a separate breed, in the United Kingdom
|border Kingdom of Montenegro
United Kingdom

Question 5: There was little change at all - outside ________ - with 620 out of 641 seats remaining unchanged.
United KingdomNorthern IrelandIrish peopleScotland

Question 6: Conservative leader William Hague resigned immediately, becoming the first Conservative leader since ________ to leave office without becoming Prime Minister.
Harold MacmillanAusten ChamberlainJohn MajorStanley Baldwin

Question 7: Previous PM
Harold WilsonTony BlairClement AttleeGordon Brown

Question 8: The Conservatives netted a gain of only one seat after their crushing defeat of 1997 (gaining a few seats from Labour, but losing several to the ________).
European Liberal Democrat and Reform PartyLiberal International British GroupDemocrats 66Liberal Democrats

Question 9: ________
2001 United Kingdom foot-and-mouth crisisUnited KingdomFinlandDenmark

Question 10: Throughout the election the Labour Party had maintained a significant lead in the opinion polls and the result was deemed to be so certain that some ________ paid out for a Labour majority before the election day.
Betting exchangeSportsbookBookmakerUnited States


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