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Question 1: Additionally, the United States' ambition for territorial expansion northward and westward was reflected in a belief in ________.
Manifest DestinyIndian removalColonialismJames K. Polk

Question 2: Throughout 1998 and 1999, the United States and the United Kingdom sent troops to impose peace during the ________.
Račak massacreKosovo WarBelgradeSerbia

Question 3: In 1732, the Province of South Carolina was further divided as a corporate charter established a penal colony for debtors known as the Province of Georgia, named in honor of ________.
George III of the United KingdomGeorge II of Great BritainGeorge IV of the United KingdomGeorge V of the United Kingdom

Question 4: In late 1837, militia from British North America burned the ship, leading to diplomatic protests, an unquenched sense of ________, and other incidents.
IslamophobiaFrancophobiaAnglophobiaAnti-British sentiment

Question 5: Third, the British knew that the United States had an indispensable European ally, the ________ to help fight in a possible war against the United Kingdom.
Russian EmpireGolden HordeOttoman EmpireBritish Empire

Question 6: On March 3, 2009, ________ made his first visit to the Obama White House.
James CallaghanTony BlairGordon BrownHugh Gaitskell

Question 7: This threat made by Dwight Eisenhower led to an immediate British and French withdrawal of their military occupation as well as the immediate resignation of ________ in 1957.
Alec Douglas-HomeHarold MacmillanAnthony EdenWinston Churchill

Question 8: During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the United States and the United Kingdom throughout the 1980s provided arms to the ________ rebels in Afghanistan until the last troops from the Soviet Union left Afghanistan on February 15, 1989.
TalibanMujahideenAl-QaedaIslamic terrorism

Question 9: New York's ________ is the most popular international destination for people flying out of London Heathrow Airport.
Delta Air LinesNewark Liberty International AirportUnited AirlinesJohn F. Kennedy International Airport

Question 10: By 1698, the colonial capital moved from Jamestown further inland to the ________ in nearby Williamsburg, named in honor of King William III of England and II of Scotland.
Colonial WilliamsburgYork County, VirginiaBruton Parish ChurchMiddle Plantation


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